Jan Carol Florence


Jan Carol was born in Detroit, Michigan, and moved with her family to Connecticut when she was five years old. She always wanted to be a nurse from a very young age, and never strayed from that ambition. She dreamed of getting married, raising several children, and living happily ever after. Obviously, nothing is as easy as it sounds to a child. But, after meeting her true love at the age of twelve, she never forgot him. Jan has worked in the nursing profession in one capacity or another since old enough to hold a job, and continues to this day. She has degrees in nursing and hospital and healthcare management, and is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. Her wonderful husband, Jim, resides in a skilled nursing facility in Naples, Florida where she visits almost daily. She, her son, Jim, and her chocolate poodle Godiva, also live in Naples, Florida. Jan wants all who read her book to be true to themselves, and never give up on your dreams. Sometimes, they do come true.


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